Bulletproof Lash Products and Vahcity

“I’ve known Kelsie for quite some time now and I think she is amazing! I originally hired her business, Myriad Digital, to improve our digital presence online through Google ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We also ended up working with her to improve our business operations through planning our campaigns better.

Our business was impacted significantly due to COVID-19 and thanks to Myriad Digital, we saw growth in sales when we needed it the most! Without their assistance, we would have made no income at all. They also took the time to make sure our budgets were set correctly to avoid overspending or underspending, which is very important!

I’m so happy with the level of service we receive from Kelsie at Myriad Digital and rate our experience 5 stars! We always find she goes above and beyond to take the initiative to perform beneficial tasks behind the scenes. Especially since I run multiple businesses it is so hard to remember everything. Their attention to detail is exceptional and we’d recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their SEO or run paid advertising through Google!”

Kassie Heaps

Brand Owner
Bulletproof Lash Products & Vahcity

Pawfect Pals

“We’ve been working with Kelsie from Myriad Digital for over a year now and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have her work on our business. She has worked tirelessly to help grow our brand by running our whole Google ads account, campaigns, marketing ideas plus much more. 

She is efficient, switched on, hardworking and she delivers what she promises. Kelsie treats our business like it is her own and will always go the extra mile to make sure we understand everything and is always willing to offer advice or provide recommendations if we need help making a business decision.

Myriad Digital is fully invested in our vision for the business and we can tell they are doing everything they can to help us achieve our goals. If you are looking at a few different businesses to run your Google, Myriad Digital is the one you want! We’ve already recommended them to other businesses!”

Ryan & Kyla

Brand owners
Pawfect Pals

NQ Fit Factory

“We needed someone highly skilled to help bring all the functioning parts and fundamentals together when we created our online store for NQ Fit Factory and to also provide ongoing support for our marketing and digital presence across Google and social media.

We were recommended Myriad Digital and we haven’t looked back! They have helped our business substantially by taking our gym programs and products from what was once only available in-store to also now offering our products and programs online.

Kelsie worked closely with me to develop and set up the systems and processes to sell online. I learned there’s a lot of working parts that are required to have a website work efficiently and smoothly, and Myriad Digital made it all happen! Whilst we were developing our systems, Myriad also integrated the marketing components to help expand our online reach that resulted in improved sales and awareness.

Myriad knows how to explain things in a way I can easily understand which and helps get a grasp on areas I’m not knowledgeable in, but they take the time to ensure I have a basic understanding of what they are doing which is super important when owning and running your own business.

Myriad Digital makes it a more personal service. I never feel like I’m just a number or put into a set and forget customer box. The team is meticulous in their work ensuring any intricate detail to make the larger picture work how it should, this makes it feel like they actually care personally about how well our business does.

I can’t recommend them enough! Myriad is professional and is on the pulse of trends, current marketing strategies, and visions with an eye to detail making it a worthwhile relationship for any business wanting business growth paired with a personal approach.

Also, Kelsie is super cool and fun to talk to! She speaks ‘marketing for dummies’ language for me, haha!”

Emily Couper

NQ Fit Factory