Want to grow your
eCommerce business online?

Increase sales by taking your digital marketing
to the next level through data-driven decisions.

Welcome to Myriad Digital

Want to grow your eCommerce business online?

Increase sales by taking your digital marketing to the next level through data-driven decisions.

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Google ads

We bring together everything that’s required to run effective campaigns which will maximise your ROI from Google’s paid advertising platforms.

Analytics and insights

Understanding your data is essential to any website or marketing campaign. We use a mixture of industry-leading analytical tools to pull meaningful insights that will help you understand customer behaviour and improve your ROI.

Conversion rate optimisation

Do you have a website that’s getting traffic but minimal conversions? Let us help. We’ll observe, analyse, observe some more, and help you optimise your website to add value to your interactions with potential customers.

Shopify eCommerce integrations

Have you looked at a website and wondered, how can I implement the same thing on mine?! We work with Shopify websites daily and can recommend great apps or tools to boost your website’s aesthetics and customer touchpoints for a more personable experience.

Data measurement set up

This is one of the fundamental pillars for growing your business online. How can you scale a business if you don’t know how customers are behaving on your website, or where they are coming from? We’ll uncover game changing insights to help you level up your paid advertising.

Real results

Customer Success Stories


Bulletproof Lash Products & Vahcity

“Our business was impacted significantly due to COVID-19 and thanks to Myriad Digital, we saw growth in sales when we needed it the most! Without their assistance, we would have made no income at all. They also took the time to make sure our budgets were set correctly to avoid overspending or underspending, which is very important!”

– Kassie Heaps, Brand Owner

NQ Fit Factory

“Kelsie worked closely with me to develop and set up the systems and processes to sell online. I learned there’s a lot of working parts that are required to have a website work efficiently and smoothly, and Myriad Digital made it all happen! Whilst we were developing our systems, Myriad also integrated the marketing components to help expand our online reach that resulted in improved sales and awareness. Myriad Digital makes it a more personal service. I never feel like I’m just a number or put into a set and forget customer box. The team is meticulous in their work ensuring any intricate detail to make the larger picture work how it should, this makes it feel like they actually care personally about how well our business does.”

– Emily Couper, Director

Pawfect Pals

“We’ve been working with Kelsie from Myriad Digital for over a year now and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have her work on our business. She is efficient, switched on, hardworking and she delivers what she promises. Kelsie treats our business like it is her own and will always go the extra mile to make sure we understand everything. If you are looking at a few different businesses to run your Google, Myriad Digital is the one you want! We’ve already recommended them to others!”

– Ryan & Kyla, Brand Owners

Why Myriad Digital?

Oh, hello. We believe in growth. We believe in challenging ourselves. We believe in no limits. We believe in doing it first — and (maybe) asking for permission later. We believe in not being another sheep in the crowd. We believe in creating and relishing in what matters most to you. We believe in living by your own manifesto. We believe in not being scared to say, “Screw it!”We believe in all that and more. We believe in making as much noise as possible. We believe in the fact that there’s so much more to life than your 9-to-5, your daily Instagram scroll, caring about what *they* think or settling for less because ‘that’s life’. No. We’re not here to serve you rubbish. We believe in burying those ‘what if’s’ and trading it in for the ‘heck yeah’s!’ In short — we believe in beliefs. Need we say more? To know yourself, to know the mission, to know what’s behind, to know what’s ahead: We grow together, adapt together. But this isn’t about us, or a website, or fancy words that make us sound like we know it all. It’s about you.

Meet Kelsie, Myriad Digital